At the beginning of 2021, Luwes Solusi Spasial started to provide new solutions for maintenance systems, Wireless Machine Health Monitoring. This new IoT-based system is assured to support the company's machine monitoring system in this Industrial 4.0 era.

Our Products

Vibration Analyzer | Balancer


The best option for route recording and balancing in the field. A complete vibration analyzer with advanced function in a very intuitive interface.

Online Monitoring System


Newest technology in wireless sensors: Vibration, Speed, Temperature, Amperage, Universal Protection wireless sensors. Send data to the cloud, monitor everywhere.

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer


Universally adaptable. Apps included for IOS devices. Cloud based route collection.

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Why is real-time data important?

Pada era ini data real-time sangat dibutuhkan dalam suatu operasional. Data yang sesuai dengan kondisi aktual akan memberikan fundamental terhadap analisa untuk mengambil suatu keputusan. Disisi lain, real-time data juga…


Machine Monitoring as The First Step of IoT Industry!

Machine Monitoring dapat dikatakan langkah awal yang paling relevan untuk kita menerapkan IoT di lingkungan industrial kita agar perlahan dapat merealisasikan Industry 4.0. Sesuai yang telah kita bahas, tujuan awal…


PHANTOM Wireless Condition Monitoring - The Green Angle!

Reviewing our annual Environmental KPIs (waste, business mileage reduction etc) got us looking at the impact Wireless CM has had on environmental sustainability.

This is a snapshot…


Why Predicitive Maintenance?

Why Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance is the maintenance method of predicting failure possibility on your machine. Why should we do that? Simple. C-O-S-T.


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